Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thing Zao

In the series there is an Asian character named Ting Zao. So for this outer space adventure episode we turned him into a tentacled alien called Thing Zao. He is animated extremely well, with the tentacles and all. I would have liked to have his tentacles colored the same light blue as his head though. The animation in this episode is outstanding. The problem is with the background colors, it looks very dated, like a show from the mid 90's when photoshop was starting to be used instead of traditionally painted backgrounds. The BG's in this series look way too airbrushed, with gradients on everything, and the colors are far too dark. The background designs themselves are excellent. The BG design team did a great job. Alain Coudry, Rodolphe Thuaud, and Robert Rivard's backgrounds were brilliant. Check out Robert's POST IT blog!

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