Monday, December 31, 2007

skull cap

One of the things I wanted to do was give Emperor Bubbles a thing on his head, like Ming The Merciless would have on Flash Gordon. Again, it would have made him more retro sci-fi looking and less Darth Vaderish looking. It would only have required a couple of lines across his head and a different color on top of his head. But I was told that it would require more work and more coloring, and so the cap on his head was rejected. It was an unfortunate decision, he would have been so much better with it on. But that was one issue I did not feel like arguing over, so I let it go. The over all retro 1950's sci fi theme was not pushed in the design of the show. When we wrote the script we were expecting to also be on the character design team, so we thought we would be in house, in the studio, to make sure that the designs were what we envisioned for the episode. Unfortunately, we were not working in the studio for season 2, and many of the character designs strayed from the retro theme. For instance; there was a Robo Cop character designed. We didn't use him at all, and pretty much threw out that page of the model pack.


Craig Wilson said...

Power to ya dude, 'tis the nature of the biz...

From an outside perspective, the screenshots look good! Just put yourself in the position of a young, mentally challenged tree stump. (Hey! That's what the producers figure the audiences are, mais oui?)

Easy Zee said...

Thanks Craig. More screen shots yet to come!


Wow i cannot believe i'm posting to a fellow animater.

Despite what you say about your work i think it's fantastic yet original. E.g. My goldfish is evil is probably the most funniest things since pinky and the brain.

I'm a real skeptist when it comes to cartoons and your writing/animation has done me some charm.E.g It has just as much effort as the SWAT KATS or FREAKAZOID yet from what you have said My goldfish is evil has an even shorter life span meaning cancelation.

Though i do know that people can disagree or even change expectations but at least it has a large fanbase.

I do hope to see more of your work call it inspiration of you will.

P.s. my goldfish is evil is a cracking toon.