Saturday, October 30, 2010

sketchy dudes

This is probably the oldest pic that used to be on website. And now it's here on my blog.

laying down on the job

A couple more old life drawings.


Another old pic that used to be on my website. I got rid of the website, so I'm posting some of my work that used to be on the site here on my blog.  It's all really old work, but some of it is still worth posting, like this friendly guy ready to share his transparent sausage.

Friday, October 29, 2010


That's the last of my life drawing that used to be on my website.

Oliver Domenchini

My friend Oliver. This is one caricature I had to bring over from my now defunct website, because it captures Oliver so well.


More genuflecting.


I had a difficult time drawing her. Her name is Sarah, she is a beautiful life drawing model, and in this pose she was staring right at me the whole time.

pole 2

This model was drawing with us, just another artist, until one week she decided to cross over from life drawer to life drawing model. Gutsy.


I like the simplicity of the lines in this one.


More life drawing that used to be on my now defunct website.

back view

Another gesture from life drawing.

life drawing with a bit of color

Just an experiment during life drawing, trying to throw in a bit of color for a change.


...or is it genuflecting?

mail man

I could have finished it, but I like it in this unfinished state.


An old life drawing gesture.


Yet another piece from my old website, migrating to the blog.

watercolor Nirvana

Kurt Cobain in watercolor. I did this years ago, this is another piece that used to be on my old website. I was inspired to paint something using 2 colors, blue and orange. I like how blue and orange play against each other. I was also listening to Nirvana when I got this blue/orange inspiration, and this is the result.

old dock worker

I have abandoned my website. I let it expire, it is no more, gone, vanished, KAPUTT. From now on it's just my blogs. I find blogs much easier to update. My website has been static for years, yet my blog is regularly updated.  I am going to post some stuff that used to be on my website to this blog, only the better stuff, as most of it was old and not worth posting here. This is one of my pieces that is worth posting here. It's my favorite portrait ever did.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is another scene I worked on for Ugly Americans. It was so nice to work on frame by frame, hand drawn, traditional animation (albeit digital), rather than that tweened puppet animation you see a lot of these days. The show turned out fantastic, looks great.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

an unfinished scene

< This is one of the scenes I animated on a Comedy Central series called "Ugly Americans", produced by Cuppa Coffee. There were some changes made to this shot, this is one of my earlier versions, not 100 percent completed, as you see by the lack of movement in the body of the demon on the second shot with the tail. There were also some blood splatters in the final version.