Saturday, June 03, 2006

The design that never was.

Just a quick joke sketch at work, and a quick color job.


Just some incidental characters.


Some designs; my favorite is the full body one. They ended up going with the top head though, the one with her hair covering on eye.


Mostly clowns....not the evil kind.

Friday, June 02, 2006

More old ladies

More rejected old ladies. The last one on the right looks kinda like Phyllis Diller.

Old ladies

Some rejected designs of an old lady. She was a hollywood starlet in her younger years.

Ostrich Man

I like how this ostrich owner turned out. Count Chocula is there too. And some guy I saw on the metro.

Private Detectives

Here's a few roughs of a Private Eye and some random scribbles.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Ninjas, a cowboy, an indian, and some random heads. There will be more sketches, I have a bunch more pages to scan.

cowboys and indians again

More doodles from clearing out my desk. Again, not something good enough for a portfolio piece, but a great way to fill a blog.

more doodles

More doodles from clearing out my desk today.


It is always a sad thing when you get to the end of a production. Tomorrow is the last day, so I cleared out my desk today. I have a bunch of sketches and scribbles that were never used on the show. They are not something I would put in my portfolio, but they are fine to stick on a blog. So here goes the first one.