Wednesday, June 13, 2007


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The other great thing about Pig City, it is a very happy show. Look at the characters, they great big smiles, even when they are not in smiling expressions they look FUN. They have fun in their eyes. This was also reflected in the scripts and voice acting. There were no sad, lonely, pathetic, mean, bitter or angry characters in this show. Martha, the girl pig, was the angry type, but it was still done in a way that was fun.


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I have a bunch of these. The great thing about this show is that all the pigs had the exact same construction. The only thing that made the characters any different were the accessories, hair, clothes, that kind of thing. I'm sure it made for some pretty easy over seas animation. I also did animation corrections on this series, and I don't recall there being any "off model" corrections to do.

Pigs in a car

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Here's another scene from Pig City.


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We go from one of the worse shows I worked on, Daft Planet a couple posts below, to one of the best, Pig City. Here's a little animated gif I threw together from some of my posing on that show. Pig City is the best show I have worked on that made it to air. The writing is very funny, the designs are decent, the voice acting was great. It is the only show I have ever worked on that I can watch on TV and enjoy. Every other production has been unwatchable. Oddly enough both the worse show, Daft Planet, and the best show, Pig City, were both productions of the same studio, CineGroupe.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DARKWING sketch dump

Here's some sketches that I did ages ago. I LOVE DARKWING DUCK! I used to tape it off the TV when it originally aired on Disney Saturday Morning in the early 90's. I used to do a fantastic drawing exercise; I would pause the VCR on a key pose and draw it. The VCR only paused for 5 minutes, so wherever I was in the sketch when the pause stopped was where I left the sketch. Here are a bunch of em. It wasn't until this year that Disney finally released DARKWING DUCK season 1 on DVD. My brother bought it for me. I want to do my sketch exercise again with Darkwing Duck, see if I have improved over the past decade, and to draw in a more classic animation style, with more volume and structure than alot of the stuff I have worked on over the past several years.

sketch dump 4

I did these sketches on an awful show called Daft Planet. We had a great team, we laughed alot, but the show was utter garbage. At the time it was the worse show I had ever worked on. Since then that honor has been bestowed on another show, which will remain nameless for now.

sketch dump 3

Good ol' sharpie and tria marker sketch.

sketch dump 2

More oldies I dug up in my efforts to clean out my place.

Monday, June 11, 2007

sketch dump

I just went through some old piles of papers, throwing most of my old stuff in the garbage, uh...I mean throwing it in the recycling bin, gotta be environmentally conscious these days, and I came across some crappy old doodles that I figured I may as well scan and post. These sketches are probably 5 years old.