Friday, October 19, 2007

evolusion of a character design

A few tweeks and...VOILA! Finally nailed it.
They wanted him shorter, a cross between the too old version and the younger one. So I came up with this.

And with a bow tie.

So I knocked off about 40 years and made him taller.

This is Montreal comedian Gilles Latulippe. This is my first attempt at this design. I was told he was too old. They want him to look like a young Gilles, even though this is how old he looks now.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

facial expressions

Seeing Scott Falconbridge perform his stand up act live was a huge help when it came time to create facial expressions. He's got the craziest facial expressions I have ever seen. It was a blast to recreate his psychotic expressions in a drawing.


Tweeked his hair a bit, and was requested to make him a bit shorter, which I did in this rotation.
Clean, vectorized, and colored.


These are the rough sketches of Montreal comedian, Scott Falconbridge. I even got to see his stand up act at a comedy club in Montreal. It was hilarious!