Sunday, December 30, 2007

Is this a joke?!

When we wrote the script, we specifically described this contraption as a "War Of The Worlds" type machine. It should have had long spidery legs or tentacles and roundish head, very retro looking. Instead; as we were storyboarding, I saw this in the model pack. I was sure it had to be a joke. I added the testicles in blue pencil and Errol added the main character bent over ready to be humbled by the phallic creation. Then I realized that it was not a joke. This is actually the model we were expected to use. There was no way we were going to use this horrible thing, not only was it extremely phallic, it was not what we described in the script, it was not retro and did not resemble "War Of The Worlds", it was completely wrong. So we just did our own design and said to hell with design in the model pack. I was sure this would get changed back to the phallic drill by someone in the studio doing storyboard corrections, but to my surprise, as you can see by the screen shots stayed in!

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