Sunday, September 04, 2005

Santa's chimney house

Santa has to practice climbing in and out of chimneys, so I designed his house to have multiple chimneys of all sorts of shapes and sizes to squeeze in and out of.

Santa's workshop

I tried many color variations on this one. This is the one I like best. I think the orange sky and the blue ground work nicely together with the colors of the workshop.


Here is the villain.


Another Mary Blair inspired design.

Blairish design

This is from a project in developement. The director has a very specific vision of what she wants the art style to look like. I tryed to make it look a lot like the art of the late great Disney designer Mary Blair.

girl sketch again

Just another girl sketch.

get your stinkin' feet out of my face

Feet, feet feet. Practice, practice practice. Reminds me of a scene from Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID when Ariel first gets her feet. The shot is very similar to this one.


I purposely distorted her proportions. I added about 40 pounds to her lower half. I'll try doign this again in another sketch, and exagerate the distortion even more.


This one turned out less Disney looking than the others.


I didn't like the feet in the first few sketches , they seemed to stiff compared to the curves and flowing lines of the rest of the sketch. So I did this to get the same feel in the feet as the rest of the sketch. If I have trouble drawing a certain thing, feet in this case, I will keep drawing that thing until I get it.

another girl sketch

I like the happy expression I managed to capture.

just some girly sketches for practice

Just a sketch of a girl to warm up the old drawing muscles.