Saturday, July 29, 2006


Always trying new things; in this case the flat red colored areas and a light haze around the drawing. Reminds me of waking up early in the morning, everything seems to have that glow around it.

feeling it

I lost the European feel in my last post. So I brought it back in this one. I think it is in the looseness of the line, but also in the face. European artists seem to capture beauty in peculiar faces, they have character and personality, they seem more "real".

Friday, July 28, 2006


Here's how this drawing progressed, from rough wacom tablet sketch, to clean vector drawing, to finished look.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

funny drawing

One thing I find missing from most cartoons is a funny drawing. The last show that really did that was REN & STIMPY. The expressions were priceless on that show. The kind of expressions that make you hit the pause button just so you can get a better look at the drawing. A funny drawing is important in animation. I am surprised comedy shows like AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, THE BRAK SHOW, SOUTH PARK and others, don't have the funny drawings. Even very limited animation shows would benefit greatly from a funny drawing and funny expressions. These are a few screen shots of a pilot I am working on. There is almost no animation, kinda like SOUTH PARK, but I went nuts with getting a funny looking drawing on the expressions (on the fat guy on the left). I remember reading an interview with JOHN K. and he said that on Ren & Stimpy they didn't have a model sheet of expressions, so that the animators never used the same exprressions twice, it was always fresh, funny and genuine.


My girlfriend said it best, "Looks kinda like KIM POSSIBLE....if she ate too much cheesecake."

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Just some more sketches on the wacom tablet. I'm diggin' the look with the thick lower half and a petite upper body.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Drawing badly

This is a screen shot of a pilot I am developing. It is very difficult to draw bad on purpose. Ask me to draw like a Disney or Don Bluth film and it would be easier than faking a bad drawing. It is very difficult to unlearn, automatically, my brain thinks of structure and volume. As much as I love Beavis and ButtHead, and King Of The Hill, I would never draw that way. But for this project I have to. I was tempted to do the designs for this with my left hand. I am not left handed. This was just a test. It looks kinda cool animated; very limited animation, kinda like South Park. This guy is the Garbage Truck Driver.