Saturday, August 16, 2008

a kid's a kid

I needed to design a kid character. The first one I did, on the far left, was kinda a metal kid from the 80's; looks pretty much like I looked in the 80's, the hair, the braces, the awkwardness. They felt he looked to old, more like a teen than a kid. So I put some shorts on him. They liked the long legs, but wanted him a lot smaller and younger. So I shrunk him down and gave him a shirt his Mom would buy, I also gave him freckles to look younger. Then finally they wanted the metal kid but small, so I came up with the final one on the right. Bingo!


I did a few minor tweeks to this character. I added a metal ring where his neck meets his body and a small bolt lower on his body, and a muffler. I can imagine puffs of smoke coming out of the muffler when his engine sputters. I also put a visor cap on him, not sure why, I just thought he needed something there. He's a pretty strange creature, part bird, part man, part machine.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Maori art

It's not a perfectly authentic look, there just isn't a lot of info on Maori art. Looks good anyway.