Tuesday, December 30, 2008

all together now

With a few inbetweens, I connected the 4 walk cycles. All 4 cycles have a different amount of frames. The quick walk is only an 8 frame cycle. The sad walk is a 16 frame cycle. The skipping cycle is 12 frames. The run cycle with his arms stretched out in front of him is a 24 frame cycle, it's the longest one only because he floats when he is at his high point for several frames. Plus it's all on 2's, so the 8 frame cycle is only 4 drawings, the 24 frame cycle is 12 drawings, the 16 frame cycle is 8 drawings, and the 12 frame cycle is 6 drawings. When I clean these up the one thing I will do is really slow down the sad walk. I will double the frames from 16 to 32, to make it a very slow sad walk, like he's really dragging his feet.


Amanda Gil said...

omg this blog is awesome!! how come you don't get any comments?? ant way, i loved the drawings and the animations are hilarious. I really like them rough and simple :)

Easy Zee said...

Thanks Amanda! I checked out your blog...WOW!! You're life drawing is fantastic!
As for my lack of comments, apparently I have a lot of lurkers.

Steve Talkowski said...

Zee, these animation tests are wonderful! I downloaded a demo of Toon Boom myself. Just got to find time to play around with it!