Wednesday, June 13, 2007


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We go from one of the worse shows I worked on, Daft Planet a couple posts below, to one of the best, Pig City. Here's a little animated gif I threw together from some of my posing on that show. Pig City is the best show I have worked on that made it to air. The writing is very funny, the designs are decent, the voice acting was great. It is the only show I have ever worked on that I can watch on TV and enjoy. Every other production has been unwatchable. Oddly enough both the worse show, Daft Planet, and the best show, Pig City, were both productions of the same studio, CineGroupe.

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creaturecorp said...

I loved Pig City for the reasons you stated. I always considered the characters well drawn and the animation and storylines unique. It was an uplifting and memorable series.

Daft Planet was awful.