Tuesday, August 16, 2011

lounging on the couch


Joe Heredia said...

Nice line work. Was it done in Flash? If so how do avoid that line jitter?

Easy Zee said...

Yep, all done in flash. I avoid the line jitter a couple ways. One; sometimes I use the line tool instead of the brush tool, and then convert the line to a stroke.
Two; when using the brush tool, make sure to use the 'pressure' sensitivity so you have a thick and thin line. It may be be jittery, so then go in with the subselection tool and remove any extra points and use the handle bar tool to get the line exactly how you want it.
Third; if you do have a brush stroke that is jittery, you can use the 'smooth' command to make it nice. The trick to the smooth command is how much you are zoomed in or out. The smaller the zoom, the more the smoothing. The bigger the zoom, the less smoothing. So if you smooth your line and you have too much smoothing happening, undo the last zoom, zoom out a bit with CTRL +, and try smoothing again.
Finally; draw one line at a time, get it exactly how you want it, group it, do the same for the next line. When the whole drawing is done, you can ungroup the whole thing.