Sunday, January 09, 2011


 So here is a detailed look at how this piece is animated. The top is the starting pose. I needed to add a bit of an anticipation. One thing I absolutley hate about flash animation is when you see a whole character as one symbol that stretches up and squashes down. It looks cheap, it looks awful. I've seen this alot in early flash animated shows. But there is a time and place for everything, and in this case I used it too. The way it is used here is okay, it's very subtle, but it serves as an important anticapation to the huge wipe.

You can see, above, how the whole character is a symbol that is stretched. It works for this pupose because the next 2 inbetweens are not symbols or tweened animation. They are good ol' fashioned inbetween drawings. You know? Like animation should be. The two middle pics on the top show the inbetweens. The action is quick, I used a wipe...AGAIN. What really makes it work is the secondary action of her belt and her hair when she lands on the seen below.

So there you have it; two inbetweens to go from the character standing to her pounding on the desk and laughing, made possible because of a cheap and easy symbol tween as an anticipation.

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