Friday, November 05, 2010


One of my favorite tricks to use in animation is the wipe. If you need a quick action and don't have many inbetweens to work with, a wipe is always a good way to go. I used to do an exercise where I would watch cartoons frame by frame on the old VCR, just to see how they did the wipes. One of my favorite shows for good wipes was Tiny Toons, they were pretty extreme with some of their wipes. Here's a wipe I used on a project I am working on.

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Nazario said...

Wipes are always fun (when used properly, as in your case). That's the kind of stuff 3D can't give you. I'd love to see how it looks animated. Did you add any kind of recoil at the end or you just stopped the character once he landed in that position?

I like him, he looks like the St. Peter of old sailors' heaven. Is his name Salty by any chance?