Friday, June 11, 2010

slave labor

More 'Planet of the Apes' fun, with a recycled old BG I did a couple years ago. I just changed the colors of the BG so that the red jumpsuits 'pop.' One thing I never understood about Planet Of The Apes, as kid, was if they were supposed to look like real apes or a more humanized ape? Were the chimpanzees supposed to be the size of a real chimp? Were the gorillas supposed to be big 300 pound apes? I always figured they were, but special effects at the time were not advanced enough to make that happen. So both chimps and gorillas had the same body size as the humans.


Unknown said...

Just to let you know That I've been Loving the "Planet of the Apes" kick you've been on. I own all 5 on VHS. I agree completely with your points. I always kinda rationalized that the Gorillas, Chimps,Orangutans, Were some kind of Human/Ape "splice" or evolution. Let's not get into the details of how they got there. Either a science experiment gone wrong or...some monkey got busy with some messed up human. I personally lean toward science "screwing up".
Anyways, read the original book (I think the author is Pierre Boule?) if you haven't already. It actually starts with the French space program. It's been translated to English. It's short and worth the read.



Easy Zee said...

The book is quite different from the movie. I just love what Rod Serling did with the screenplay. When I watch the movies, I imagine that the chimps are small and the gorillas are huge. Like if you are watching a stage play, you have to use your imagination and think of the stage sets as more than what is actually there. I never thought the apes in the movies were supposed to be human size and proportions. As good as the special effects are in the remake; If I directed it, I would have made the chimps really small and the gorillas huge. Tim Burton was close. Tim Roth is a small guy, and Michael Clarke Duncan is huge...for humans. But a chimp should be 3 feet tall, a gorilla should be even bigger than Mr. Duncan.

Jules Cherubin said...

I love the style, the buildings in the back are great.Keep it up :)

Andrew Barr said...

really dig these planet of the apes peices,