Monday, December 08, 2008

the "TAKE!"

I love the cartoon "TAKE". Sponge Bob Square Pants uses the "take", as did Ren & Stimpy, and currently I have been watching a lot of The Mighty Bee and I see them do a lot of takes in that show too. What I love about the "take" is craziness. Anything goes in a "take" and you can practically throw the model sheet out the long the character pops back in model. Some of the best "takes" I have seen were on Ren & Stimpy, the characters heads would literally split in two, the exageration and expressions were out of this world.


Tony DiStefano said...

Check out the subtle takes in 1950s
Chuck Jones cartoons.He took a lot from Oliver Hardy of Laurel and Hardy.Check out Ollie when he looks at the Camera whenever stan says somthing dumb.Look at "Robinhood Daffy".Porky as fryertuck has the same take.If you want wacky takes,look at Tex Avery from the 50s or Clampet from the 1940s.

Easy Zee said...

Definitely!! You know what I'm talking about. More modern day shows, especially the flash shows that use rigging and puppet animation don't have "takes". But there are still a few good cartoony modern day shows that use the "take'. The "take" is a big reason why I love the old Tex Avery, Clamplet, and Chuck Jones films.
You're speaking my language Tony!