Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kayami's new eyes....updated

Just another color scheme. We still have not made a decision on the kind of line to use. I am going to knock out some lines, make some lines colored, and experiment a lot more with the line.
I think the white dots on her eyes are crucial. I can't find any other way to give her eye direction without the white dots. I am still messing around with her colors.
I know these are not the ideal eyes to get expressions out of, but there is very good reason for designing them this way. Her eyes were more expressive in an older version but they were too similar to the main character. He is supposed to be the only "human" character, even though he is a Slinky. All other characters are not human, thus the tail on Kayami here. So I gave her these eyes to make her look more like a designer toy.

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