Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Centaur archer step by step

Step 1- Scan the drawing. This was drawn on newsprint paper, with a B pencil. Just a loose sketch, that was what I was going for.

Step 2- The original scan was not dark enough, so I darkened it by duplicating the layer and making the new duplicated layer a "multiply" layer.

Step 3- I added some white highlight areas with a photoshop brush on a new "lighten" layer.

Step 4- I added some dark shaded areas with a photoshop brush on a new "darken" layer.

Step 5- FINISHED. I added a texture layer on a"multiply" layer. There was already a bit of texture in the original scan from the natural texture of the newsprint, but I wanted it to look old and worn at the edges.


Tony DiStefano said...

Very cool Zee. I went back to your May blog.I love the old school watercolor setup and that great studio.

Craig Wilson said...

this is really nice! I love the textureing & white hi-lights.

A buddy did his 3rd year film with a look kinda like this, (he was going for Dore) of course computers weren't in the picture artistically yet...

Cool man!

Easy Zee said...

Thanks Craig. Thanks again Tony. The studio is called MANGA LATINA, and sometimes called H2V ENTERTAINMENT. It's a great place to work, with the most artist friendly producer in the business.