Wednesday, September 24, 2008

hockey player notes

This was one of the earlier characters designed. As you can see, compared to the characters in the previous posts, this design is way off. I had the designers completely re-designed him, unlike the others characters which only needed tweeking. I hope my notes help anyone looking at my blog, as much as they helped the character designers on this production.


Tony DiStefano said...

Your notes were right on in giving the changes needed to make the characters more appealing.This looks like a fun show.Could you write a little something about it?

Easy Zee said...

Thanks Tony, here's a little something about the show.
It's called STAND UP TV.
If you click on the "Stand Up" label in my blog, all the Stand Up posts come up.
It is a series of shorts. We got 2 stand up comics, had them record their stand up act, and animated it. The 2 main characters are caricatures of the comedians themselves.
It was a good concept. I designed the main characters, secondary characters, and the locations,and came up with the style. When my part was done, the studio had their in-house guys design the incidental characters, thus the notes I posted.
It could have been a great project, with the potential to bring in more comedians. But, it really lacked a strong director to make it work with good pacing and timing. It was fun to design though.