Saturday, August 02, 2008

rough sketches of previous posts

My two favorite COL-ERASE pencils are 20043 BROWN and 20067 PURPLE. I love sketching with those colors. Most animators are so used to sketching with blue that they don't even try other colors. Traditionally non photo blue was used way back in the day when we used film and cameras. In this digital era there really is no reason to stick to blue.


Craig Wilson said...

This is all great stuff, dude! Is this on Toon Boom?

How do you like it? (Toon Boom I mean...)

Easy Zee said...

Thanks. No, not ToonBoom...yet. But it will be. I haven't become fast enough in ToonBoom yet, and I am on a pretty tight deadline with this project, so I am whipping off the characters in flash quickly.