Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So I purchased ToonBoom Studio 4. It was on sale and I need to learn the ToonBoom interface so I can ease into HARMONY from FLASH. I figured Studio 4 is a less advanced version of Harmony, but the interface is similar, so it's a good start. I spent several hours on it today fooling around with it. I know flash inside out and I can draw and animate with flash very quickly and with ease, but Studio 4 is totally foreign to me. It is taking me a long time just to find the right buttons to press.


Craig Wilson said...

Good for you; I'm just learning Flash, and hear that ToonBoom's really pushing the storyboard software as well.

Good luck, how hard can it be?

Will said...

Welcome to Toon Boom land! I help out on the forums at, and I run Feel free to stop by and ask about anything.

Easy Zee said...

Craig, you really should learn ToonBoom as well as Flash. You are about 6 years too late learning the flash. Most studios have switched or are switching to ToonBoom Harmony. I have been working on Flash productions for the past 6 years. But nowadays it's all ToonBoom. The last 3 productions I did designs for were all ToonBoom productions. I would have liked to do some of the animation myself, which is why I am learning it now, I want to do more than just character designs.

Will, thanks for the comment! You will definitely hear from me with a ton of questions. I really like the software so far, but learning it on my own is not so easy. I can't wait to do another episode of The Z-Files in Toon Boom. The first 4 episodes, which played in various festivals and were broadcast on NickToons, were done in flash.