Friday, July 18, 2008

sliced bread head and chicken lady

I was asked to design an old woman character, very typical, very uninteresting; as I sketched her jowls and wrinkled chin, a chicken came to mind. So I designed her as a chicken lady. I blame this one on the medication too. There was no way the producer and director were going to accept this. I made a normal old woman into a chicken! I emailed the design anyway, knowing full well it is not at all the character I was given a description of. You can imagine my shock when they told me they liked it. I got away with it again! Bread Head and Chicken Lady!

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Cesar Tafoya said...

!hese characters made my day. I've been browsing thru your blog and love the quality as well as the quantity you produce. With your animations, do you work all in flash?