Saturday, January 26, 2008

cut outs

I get to do something fun for this project. Originally the plan was to literally make stick puppets. So I drew some characters, colored them on watercolor paper with gouache and watercolors, cut them out. From there I was going to stick them on foam board to make them sturdy and rigid, attach the stick, and film the show just like that. But it looks now like we are going to scan them and make a digital puppet show in after effects. But it is still supposed to look like real stick puppets, with none or very little articulation. These are the actual cut outs I scanned. It's not supposed to be super clean, we want it to look a bit unrefined. I think the finished digital puppet show will look quite good. And painting with real paint is a very pleasant change from all the digital projects I have been working on in the last while.

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