Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another caricature

Caricatures are not supposed to be flattering. They are supposed to be funny. I actually like this how this one turned out, even though it may not be flattering, it is still appealing. I used to watch YARDLEY JONES on TV, that must have been more than 16 years ago. He taught how to paint and caricature and draw on his show, this was way before the day of digital media, he used good old fashioned water color, paper, ink, pen, and marker. He had this great method of painting his caricatures; he would ink the caricature on a sheet of acetate, much like an animation cel, then he would loosely water color the caricature on water color paper. He would then place the cel over the water color, once it has dried of course, and voila! A caricature in color with a nice black thick clean outline. I was very impressed by this. So essentially that is the look I am going for here with the painted look with a solid black outline, only I did it digitally.

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