Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bailey Quarters from WKRP in Cincinnati

I am working on a pic of the whole cast from the show. It was one of my favorite shows of all time. Every single character was unique, interesting, had an individual look and was an archetypal character. This BAILEY QUARTERS. JAN SMITHERS was perfect in this role; shy, quiet, smart, but bursting with potential and ambition underneath those glasses.
My approach for this WKRP drawing, is not do to caricatures in the traditional sense. By that I mean I am not necessarily doing a caricature of Jan Smithers here. My approach is more like a character design approach. I am not trying to get a specific likeness of Jan Smithers, I am trying to capture the essence of her Bailey Quarters character.

I’m still working on her. I think I’m getting close to what I want.

Here she is…for now. She may be tweaked a bit before the final design is drawn. But I am pretty happy with this one. Now, onto the next WKRP character.

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